Rose Bowl: Tank Carder, a Symbol of Hope for Players Dreaming of Joining Major College Football

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To play in the Rose Bowl is one cherished dream that every football player wants to be fulfilled. Tank Carder of Texas Christian University (TCU) got the chance  to prove that one can make it to the Rose Bowl and play among the giants of football.

As reported by International sports news, January 2, 2010. Tank Carder had intercepted a throw made by Wisconsin’s Scott Tolzien. Tolzien did not succeed in his attempt and Tanker fueled the flame of hope in every football player’s heart across the nation who was never given the chance to play in the major football league.

The Horned Frogs won against the Wisconsin 21-19 in a momentous game that everyone would remember after the team’s win against Boise State at the Fiesta Bowl on January 4, 2010.

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