Ronald Reagan doodles kept by Margaret Thatcher released from former British PM archives (Photo)

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The so-called Ronald Reagan doodles, which were drawn by the late US president in 1981, were reportedly kept by then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, are now released, as shown in the photo below.

Ronald Reagan doodles, which he sketched
during the 1981 Ottawa G7 Summit

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As noted at British news sites on Saturday, March 17, 2012, British PM Margaret Thatcher and US President Ronald Reagan were among the seven world leaders who attended the 1981 Ottawa G7 Summit.

Based on history, the five other leaders who were there were Canada Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, France President Francois Mitterrand, West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Italy President Giovanni Spadolini and Japan Prime Minister Zenko Suzuki.

According to reports, Mrs. Thatcher and Mr. Reagan sat beside each other that time and the British prime minister noticed that the US president it making some sketches during their breaks and left them on his table, which the former picked up and kept them.

The Ronald Reagan doodles, which depicted five heads, a man’s naked torso and an eye, were reportedly filed by Mrs Thatcher at Number 10, and it is being believed that she kept them as among her personal documents.

Apparently, Mrs Thatcher wrote “Ronald Reagan‘s ‘doodling’ at the Ottawa Conference” in the bottom right-hand corner of the sheet, which have been released from the Margaret Thatcher Archive Trust.

“She was sitting next to him. She had seen him doing it during the meeting. He just left it on his desk.” Chris Collins, a historian who works for the private-funded Margaret Thatcher Foundation, was quoted at Telegraph.

“He thought it was of no value whatsoever and left. She thought it was rather fun and picked it up. The doodles also show how bored he must have been” Collins added, with the sketches not known as whom they were related except for one which is a self portrait.

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