Ron Howard explains why Gay Joke will stay on The Dilemma movie (Video)

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The ‘gay joke’ on The Dilemma movie will stay, which is incidentally to be released on US theaters on January 14, 2011.

This was the confirmation recently made by its director, Ron Howard, to international entertainment news sites.

A few weeks back, there were reports that the The Dilemma movie full trailer received a lot of criticism after it was shown in theaters and in the Internet.

In one of the scenes in the said movie trailer, the character of Vince Vaughn seems to be joking that ‘electric cars are gay’.

According to Anderson Cooper of CNN, the gay joke was too much to accept and offensive, which can hurt kids. Later, Ellen DeGeneres was said to have also voiced out tha she is against it, until the issue made it to the headlines.

And although the gay joke line was removed by Universal Pictures from the movie trailer, Ron Howard now confirmed that it will remain in the movie, and he explains why, on a recent post at Los Angeles Times.

According to Howards, he ‘believes in sensitivity but not censorship, and that The Dilemma is a comedy movie is for grown-ups, not kids.’

“Our lead character of Ronny Valentine has a mouth that sometimes gets him into trouble and he definitely flirts with the line of what’s okay to say,” Howard told Los Angeles Times.

The Dilemma‘ is a story full of flawed characters whose lives are complicated by the things they say to and hide from each other. Ronny is far from perfect and he does and says some outrageous things along the way.” He added.

The Dilemma is an adult-comedy film about a man (Vince Vaughn) who learns his best friend’s (Kevin James) wife (Winona Ryder) is having an affair (with Channing Tatum).

Below is a news video where actor Vince Vaughn defended the gay joke in the ‘The Dilemma’ movie trailer.

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