Ron Artest suspended in Lakers-Mavericks Game 3 after hitting Jose Barea in Game 2 (Video)

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Updated: May 7, 2011 1:08 p.m.

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LA Lakers forward Ron Artest was suspended for Lakers-Mavericks Game 3 after hitting Dallas‘ guard Jose Barea‘s face in Game 2, as shown in the video below.

Ron Artest hits Jose Barea’s face
Image Credit: ESPN/NBA

As confirmed by ESPN Sports on Thursday night, Ron Artest will not be allowed to play on the third game of the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks on Friday night, with the latter leading (2-0).

“No reaction, I’m just ready to move forward and play basketball.” Ron Artest told reports on Thursday, with Lakers Coach Phil Jackson reportedly have not yet talked to him regarding the suspension.

On Wednesday, Artest’s right foreman hit Barea’s face on the last 24.4 seconds of the Lakers-Mavericks Game 2, with the former being ejected from the ball game.

For Game 3, Kobe Bryant is being expected to have a longer playing time to possibly fill-in the shoes of Ron Artest, while some analysts say Matt Barnes or Lamar Odom may start as small forward.

Apparently, the 2011 Western Conference semifinals series goes in favor for the Mavericks after winning the two straight games, and only needs two more wins to advance to the finals.

Ron Artest hits Jose Barea’s face Lakers vs. Mavericks Game 2
Image Credit: ESPN/NBA/YouTube

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