Roman Shipwreck In Grado Italy May Have Carried Giant Fish Tank (Photos)

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Roman shipwreck hull in Grado
Roman Shipwreck Hull
Image Credit: Live Science

Archaeologist believed that a 2,000-year-old ancient Roman shipwreck may have carried on-board a giant aquarium that contains live fish, according to an earlier reports by several news sites.

In 1986, the Roman shipwreck was discovered in an area about 6 miles (nearly 10 kilometers) away from Grado town in Italy. The mid-second century old shipwreck, is about 55 feet (16.5 meters) in length and contains about 600 large vases known as amphoras. The vases were filled with sardines, salted mackerel and other fish products.

The Roman shipwreck‘s hull, measuring about 2.7 inches (7 cm) wide and 51 inches (1.3 meters) long, has a lead pipe near its keel, which scientists believed, were used to manually pump and provide flowing and oxygenated water into a giant fish tank carried by the ship.

The aquarium, behind the mast of the ship, measures about 11.4 feet by 6.5 feet by 3.3 feet (3.5 m by 2 m by 1 m) and has an estimated capacity of 250 cubic feet (7 cubic meters).

In a statement, Carlo Beltrame, an archaeologist at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, explained that “Historians think that before the invention of the freezer, the only possibility to trade fish was to salt or dry it, but now we know that it was possible to move it alive also for quite a long distance.”

Roman shipwreck jar and vases in  Grado
Roman shipwreck items In Grado
Image Credit: Live Science

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