Rockhopper Penguins’ Rescue Ongoing Due To South Atlantic Oil Spill

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Rockhopper Penguin
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Rescue operations are ongoing for Northern Rockhopper penguins that are affected by an oil spill in the south Atlantic, about 1,500 miles west of Cape Town, South Africa, according to an earlier report by several international sites.

The Rockhopper penguins‘ rescue operations started since March 16 when M.S. Oliva, a Maltese ship from Santos, Brazil bound for Singapore, fractured its hull that caused the ship to split in two.

According to Sean Burns and Transport Malta, the Maltese shipping authority, M.S. Oliva was carrying 60,000 metric tons of soya beans and 1,500 metric tons of heavy fuel. The agency is now conducting an investigation on the “grounding and subsequent complete hull failure” of the cargo ship.

All of the ship’s 22 crew members were rescued by an expedition team from an eco-tourism ship called the Prince Albert II.

Reports say that the Northern Rockhopper penguin is considered as one of the world’s most threatened species of penguin.

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