Robonaut 2 To Make History As The First Humanoid Robot In Space

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Robonaut 2Aboard the final flight of space shuttle Discovery, Robonaut 2, known as R2, is going on a one-way trip to the International Space Station this coming Wednesday.

According to international news sites, Robonaut 2 will be the first humanoid robot in space. It will help austronauts with housekeeping chores at the space station as National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) learns how the two can work together.

Robonaut 2 is developed by NASA and General Motors. It is a humanoid dextrous robot which costs $2.5 million to build. In the future, its creators see Robonaut carrying out other space station duties like holding tools for spacewalking austronauts and handling emergencies such as toxic leaks or fires.

The robot will remain tucked away at the space station until late December, said Rob Ambrose, acting chief of Johnson Space Center‘s automation, robotics and simulation division in Houston.

It will stay on board the space station until operation stops sometime after 2020 when NASA sends it to a grave in the Pacific.

Here’s a video of Robonaut 2 working out for the trip:

Image Credit: NASA

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