Robocop Statue: Imagination Station Raises Funds, while Detroit Mayor Bing Twitted, “No, thanks”

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“Build a statue of  Robocop in Detroit” was initiated by the Imagination Station Detroit group which plans to erect a statue of the fictional “half man, half machine…” cyber cop.  The group is soliciting donations, for as low as $1, from supporters.  This was reported by entertainment news sites in a series of articles this month of February 2011.

John Leonard the leader of the Robocop group has opened a Facebook page, “Build a statue of Robocop in Detroit” to spearhead the campaign. The group, through Kickstarter, the fund-raising platform, plans to solicit $50,000 until March 26, 2011. According to Detroit News, the Imagination Station group will return the donor’s money if they could not raise $50,000 until March 26.

From the Twitter account of the Mayor of Detroit, David Bing; however, a reply was twitted that there are no plans for Detroit to put up a statue of the movie hero Robocop.

Proponents of the movement for the Robocop statue however, are optimistic that if the fictional movie boxing hero, Rocky Balboa, has his statue in Philadelphia, then why not a Robocop statue in Detroit, where Robocop supposedly originated from?

As of this date, the “Build a Robocop statue” movement has received a tweet “No, thanks” from the Mayor of Detroit, but who knows what celebrity supporters can do?

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