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Robert Jaworski jersey No 7 retires, Ginebra San Miguel to honor ‘Big J’

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Manila, PhilippinesPhilippine Basketball Association (PBA) icon Robert ‘Sonny’ Jaworski Sr, also known as the ‘Big J‘ and ‘The Living Legend‘, will be honored by his former team, Ginebra San Miguel, by retiring his jersey No. 7 early next month.

Robert Jaworski, showing his jersey No 7
Image Credit: Asti Flores/GMA News

As noted at local news on Saturday, June 30, 2012, a press conference was held at Linden Suites in Pasig City on Friday, where Robert Jaworski, who won the MVP award in 1978, presented his jersey No. 7, which will be formally retired via a ceremony to be held at Smart Araneta Coliseum on Sunday, July 8.

“The thought of retirement has never crossed my mind. I treasured the memories I had in the PBA,” Jaworski Sr reportedly said, who became the playing coach of Ginebra San Miguel from 1985 to 1998, after playing for Toyota for nine seasons, along with Francis Arnaiz, Ramon Fernandez, and others; with Crispa Redmanizers as their greatest rival.

“Yun po ang maganda sa basketball eh, hindi pwede pag bago ang sapatos mo panalo ka na… hindi lang pagandahan ng uniporme ito, hindi lang paartehan ito.” Jaworski, 66, also called ‘Jawo‘ and notably the league’s most popular player, added, noting that he is sad knowing that some sports leaders take basketball for granted.

(The good thing in basketball is that wearing a new pair of shoes does not mean you will win, this is not just about having nice uniform, this is not just about fashion.)

Jaworski, who also won a senatorial seat from 1998 to 2004 but lost when he ran for reelection in the same year, was known for his ‘never-say-die’ principle in local basketball, whose last game was in 1997 and gave him the record for being the oldest player ever to play in the PBA at the age of 50.

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