Robert Burns Paintings In Brighton, East Sussex Home Is Renaissance-style Masterpiece Like Sistine Chapel (Photo and Video)

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Robert Burns
Robert Burns
Image Credit: YouTube Video

Robert Burns, a 62-year old retired decorator living in a rented council house in Brighton, has transformed his East Sussex home into a replica of the Renaissance-style masterpiece, Sistine Chapel,according to several international news sites.

Every inch of the walls and ceilings were covered with elaborate frescoes inspired by 15th century works of famous Italian painters, including portraits of the Virgin Mary.

Reports say that Burns was inspired by painting other people’s houses.

Below is Burns‘ statement that explains his passion in re-creating his rented house.

“I spent fifteen years of my working life applying exactly the same shade of magnolia to people’s living rooms with a paint roller. You could teach a primate to be a half-decent decorator. I needed a creative outlet. One day I saw some photos of the Vatican in Rome and thought, I could do that. I never looked back.”

Burns has never been to Italy to see the original masterpieces, so he relied on coffee table books picked up at garage sales. He even used standard DIY-shop emulsion paint and spent hours to produce scale replicas.

Watch the following video of Robert Burns‘ creation.

Below are some of the images of Robert BurnsRenaissance-style masterpiece. Click the page number or Next to navigate through the images.

Inside Robert Burns Flat in Brighton, East Sussex
Inside Robert Burns Flat in Brighton, East Sussex
Image Credit: John Connor Press

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