Richard Simmons flight safety video ad for Air New Zealand goes viral (Video)

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Fitness guru Richard Simmons made a flight safety video ad for Air New Zealand recently, as shown in the video below, and now goes viral.

Richard Simmons flight safety video
Image Credit: AirNewZealand/YouTube

Simmons, 62, an American health and fitness professional known for his weight loss programs, was featured in a flight safety reminder video entitled ‘Mile-high madness with Richard Simmons! #RICHROLL‘.

The 3:37 video was uploaded at YouTube on Sunday, March 27, 2011, but has already slightly more than 203, 000 views as of this writing and is still rapidly increasing.

Richard Simmons, along with some fitness dancers performing his popular ‘Sweatin’ to the Oldies‘ line of aerobics, teaches the viewers on how to be safe while boarding a plane.

Among the flight safety measures accompanied with comical and high-energy exercise include how to lose the baggage, fasten your safety, and how to wear life jacket properly.

As an additional entertainment, TV personality and Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan, who is born in New Zealand, joined Richard Simmons in the video via in a cameo role.

Apparently, this is not the first video ad produced by Air New Zealand that attracted YouTube viewers, as previous advertisements for the said airline include puppet Rico Suave and nearly a week ago, he was joined by rapper Snoop Dog.

Mile-high madness with Richard Simmons! #RICHROLL
Video Credit: AirNewZealand/YouTube

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