Reviews: Internet Explorer 9 Beta now available

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Internet Explorer 9 Beta, the latest version of Microsoft‘s web browser is now available for download.

But as a major makeover was made such as a host of new features and speedier performance, it is said to be compatible only with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Although Bing is the default search engine, one can easily add Google and others.

While one can easily choose the language that he needs, say English; the Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) did not escape the in-depth reviews from experts and picky browser users.

They will more or less tell you if you should choose IE9 as your default browser.

In a review post of Joanna Stern from Engadget, she discussed the new features of IE9 such as the Pinned Sites, One Box, and Tab functionality.

Apparently, it is the Download manager feature that somehow it made more user-friendly.

“It now lets you see what you’ve recently downloaded as well as see the progress of a current download.” Joanna stated.

On the other hand, Christina Warren from Mashable describes IE9 as “huge step for Microsoft and we think that the current beta shows a lot of potential.” She also says that “it is more modern and easier to use.”

Similarly, Michael Calore of Wired also posted mostly good points about the enhancement of IE9.

According to Calore, the first striking difference between IE9 and the old version is that IE9’s user interface “is sleek and minimal.”

“The browser is the stage and the backdrop, but the website is the star of the show,” Internet Explorer of Microsoft general manager Dean Hachamovitch tells

You download the Internet Explorer 9 here.

But first, Wired brought up a danger point that one should consider.

The number two and three browser vendors have all sped up their development cycles. Google Chrome is releasing new code every six to eight weeks, and Mozilla is committed to pushing out new Firefox releases every six months.

Microsoft has made no mention of its intent to speed up its own browser release schedule, so it’s likely Internet Explorer 10 is a year or two off.

Meanwhile, the competition will continue to deliver improvements at a pace that far outstrips Microsoft.

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