Restaurant fines customers who do not finish their food

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A Japanese restaurant fines their customers if they do not finish their food, which means there should be not even a single grain of food left in their bowls. The restaurant in Sapporo, Japan named Hachikyo, is recently known for asking their customers to give donation for the uneaten food, but for a better cause.

Tsukko mesh with red Ikura

Tsukko Mesh with red Ikura, menu being served
at restaurant Hachikyo in Sapporo, Japan

Image Credit: Midori Yokoyama/

As noted at on Tuesday, February 12, 2013, quoting the report of Japanese blogger Midori Yokoyama at Gold Rush (, the seafood restaurant, which is famous for their Ikura, or salty salmon roe, said the donations will go to the fishermen, as an appreciation for their hard work.

According to the report, the menu explains that the working conditions for fishermen are harsh and extremely dangerous that may cause their lives. So, to show gratitude and appreciation for the food they provide in the restaurant, customers are required not to leave anything on the bowl. Otherwise, they will be fined.

Hachikyo owner Hitoshi Sugita, who opened the restaurant for about eight years ago and will be opening his second branch in Tokyo by the end of this coming April, told the Japanese blogger that customers who will not agree on their condition will not be allowed to eat, and that there are no exemptions to the rule.

Apparently, there is another rule being strictly observed by the said restaurant, which only opens at night. No customers are allowed to eat the rice in their bowls unless the salmon roe has been piled on. Otherwise, the “Tsukko Mesh,” a special menu where a bowl of rice is piled high with as much salmon roe the customer wants, will be revoked.

Yokoyama noted that the Ikura menu costs 1,890 yen (or around $20), noting that the price is very reasonable for those who love to eat salmon roe. And due to high demand from public, one should make a reservation first, since it is usually impossible to get a seat immediately.

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