Rescued Chilean Miner Jose Ojeda claims Copyright for the Message of Hope

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Rescued Chilean miner Jose Ojeda now claims copyright for the so-called Message of Hope, BBC News reported a few hours ago.

The message “Estamos bien en el refugio los 33” (We are okay in the refuge, the 33 of us), is now said to be owned by the one who wrote it, Jose Ojeda.

The message was written by Ojeda in red bold letters on a scrap paper, and was placed inside a plastic bag and later attached to the drill, 17 days after the mine collapse.

This ‘six words and a number’ phrase became very popular in Chile during and after the rescue operation, and was seen in mugs, T-shirts, and flags.

Recently, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera was reportedly seen handing out copies of the so-called Message of Hope to the British Queen and prime minister during his European tour.

But according to BBC News, a Chilean writer named Pablo Huneeus has now registered the the famous phrase on behalf of Jose Ojeda.

This means that no one is allowed to use that phrase without Ojeda’s knowledge, which was the seventh among the 33 rescued Chilean miners last October 13.

“This phrase is a work of art,” Huneeus told The Times Newspaper, “and one couldn’t choose better words. Using the brain is a way of making money.”

“I thought that’s just too much, according to our law, copyright for a creation, invention, song, a piece of art, belongs to the author.” Mr Huneeus added.

Meanwhile, Jose Ojeda reportedly said he will be ‘be grateful that no one else will profit from his words’.

And although Mr Huneeus says miner Ojeda also wants President Pinera to return to him his ‘note’, the Chilean president reportedly considers it now as a part of the country’s national heritage.

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