Republicans to Overturn the Health Reform, Obama and Allies Swear to Fight Back

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Health care cost continues to rise. This makes it unaffordable for the poor and people with pre-existing conditions to avail of quality health care services. But with the health care bill enacted as law under the Obama administration, millions of Americans expect a turnaround in the health care delivery setting in the US. However, the Republicans continue to pass a bill to repeal the landmark law. In reports last January 4, 2011, the opponents of the law bid to overturn it. The members of the House of Representatives are set to vote on the issue on January 12, 2011.


The fight for the reform goes back to several US leaders. The Carter administration started the efforts and Clinton continued the fight under the influence of then, first lady Hilary Clinton. However, both failed in the passing the bill.

After several years of pushing the reform, President Barack Obama finally passes the Health Care Bill in March 2010. With the vote of 219 to 212 votes, the US House of Representatives passed it. The passage of the bill was considered as the “jewel in the crown” of the current administration. It marked a dramatic change in the healthcare system in the US.

Provisions of the Law

The main provision of the law is to make health insurance a requirement to almost every American. According to the passed legislation, health insurance must cover nearly everyone. The funds will come from new taxes collected from the wealthy and restrictions for people with pre-existing disease will be outlawed. The main goal is to increase the insurance coverage and expansion of Medicaid for the low-income citizens and the poor.


US District Judge Henry E. Hudson in Virginia declared that the provision was unconstitutional. Together with the other Republicans, they continue to contest the healthcare bill even after its passage in 2010. They point out that Americans do not need the changes and the reforms are unaffordable. It will only mean making the government take over the health industry of the nation.

Obama to Fight Back

Despite the constant and strong oppositions of the Republicans, President Barack Obama swears to fight back. The White House plans to launch a massive information campaign to make every American understand the benefits of the bill.

Obama appeals to the Republican leaders to put their political agenda aside in favor of rebuilding the US economy, “…not just for this generation but for the next one”, said the president after his holidays in Hawaii.

Because the Democrats remain to be the Majority, the voting on January 12, 2011, is expected to be only for formality purposes as they can block the move of the Republicans. If, still, the repeal fails, the Minority will overturn the law with other means like using congressional committees to withdraw the funds.

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