Reporter stops kisses: Fox News’ Mike Tobin stops two women from kissing him on live TV (Video)

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A TV news reporter stops kisses from two women during his live report this Monday, April 22, 2013, as shown in the video below. Fox News veteran reporter Mike Tobin was then reporting about the suspects of the Boston Marathon incident, when the unexpected moment took place.

Fox News reporter stops kisses

Fox News reporter Mike Tobin stops kisses on
his cheeks from two unidentified women

Credit: Fox News video

Tobin was reporting with Shepard Smith, who was in the studio, when two women from his left and right sides approached him and tried to kiss his cheeks. However, the Fox News reporter was quick enough to stop them using his arms, and managed to get them out of the picture.

“Please don’t do that.” Mike Tobin told them, and continued his report on the timeline of the Boston tragedy, as if nothing happened. Tamerlan Tzarnaev, 26, the first suspect was killed during a firefight with police last Friday. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, Tamerlan‘s younger brother, is now on police custody.

“Heckling comes with the biz. But it’s not like they would not no the sbjct. I hope their friends let thm no it wz inappropriate.” Mike Tobin (@MikeTobinFox) tweeted hours later, referring to the two women, whose identities were not known. His quick action of professionalism received a lot of praises from Twitter; below are some of them.

“Molested by fools. @MikeTobinFox executes the double stiff arm defense with commentary and continues his live report. #GraceUnderPressure”

“That was great Mike fought off 2 kiss bombs and didn’t miss a beat!”

@MikeTobinFox eyes on the sides of your head. Nice work!”

Fox News reporter Mike Tobin stops two women from kissing him
Credit: THEQULKMAN/YouTube/Fox News

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