Rep Gabrielle Giffords first images after Arizona incident published on Facebook (Photos)

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Gabrielle Giffords first photo,
after the Arizona incident

Image Credit: P.K. Weis/Rep
Gabrielle Giffords Facebook

Two photos of Rep Gabrielle Giffords were published on her official Facebook page on Sunday, June 12, 2011, after the Arizona incident last January.

As shown here in the photos, Gabrielle Giffords is smiling and wearing short hair as she Arizona congresswoman is still recovering from the shot wound in her head.

“Wow! I saw her at the very end of March, and even then, Gabby was all there, her smile, her personality. And she looks even better now.” Arizona State Senator Linda Lopez wrote on Rep Gabrielle Giffords’ Facebook page.

“I think people are going to be very happy to see how great she looks. For someone who’s undergone what she’s endured, it’s really something.” Lopez added, who is also a friend of Rep Giffords, noting that the Arizona congresswoman looks beautiful.

As mentioned on her Facebook page, these Giffords photos were taken on May 17, 2011 at the TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital, one day after she attended the launch of Endeavour, where her husband astronaut Mark Kelly was the commander.

Apparently, the photos were taken by P.K. Weis of, who was said to have known Congresswoman Giffords for more than a decade, even before she entered politics.

As of this writing, Arizona incident suspect Jared Lee Loughner has pleaded not guilty wherein there were 13 injured people and 6 casualties including 9-year old Christina Taylor Green.

Last March, Facebook also published the last photo of Rep Gabrielle Giffords only moments before the incident, while taking to Jim and Doris Tucker.

Rep Gabrielle Giffords first photo after the Arizona incident
Image Credit: P.K. Weis/Rep Gabrielle Giffords Facebook page

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