Remove My Face From The Immigration Cards – PNOY ordered

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President Noynoy AquinoPresident Benigno Aquino III, (PNOY) ordered the immigration bureau to remove his face from the hundreds of immigration cards at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Immigration bureau information officer Freddie Cortez said that PNOY saw the cards at the airport when he left last Monday for the United States trip.

PNOY ordered the removal of his face because it violates his own directive of banning officials from putting their pictures on government-issued goods. This is to stop them from exploiting the government projects to boost their image.

Cortez said that those immigration cards were printed last July, a month before the directive came into force. Because of PNOY‘s order, the immigration rushed the delivery of new, PNOY-free cards, though, some of the old cards might still be used by other airlines who may issue them for people coming to Philippines.

PNOY‘s order shows that he still leads by example. It can be remembered that PNOY also refused to use the “wangwang” (siren) when he travels by land to set a good example to the people when he banned the use of “wangwang” on the streets.

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