Relatives of Miners in New Zealand Wait Anxiously for Their Trapped Loved ones

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Relatives of miners in New Zealand wait anxiously for their trapped loved ones as rescuers wait as well, for the carbon monoxide and methane gases levels to subside, November 20, 2010, GMT.  Carbon monoxide and methane are toxic gases which could kill persons who stay long enough to inhale them.

The rescue of the miners in New Zealand is an ongoing effort as a result of a blast last Friday morning, November 19, 2010 GMT, at the Pike Coal Mines where 29 workers were trapped after a blast.  Eventually, the name of the Australian miner, included in the trapped workers, was revealed.

According to Sky News,  Peter Whittall, the mine’s Chief Executive, said in an interview that it was still not safe to enter the mines,  and that they are “pumping fresh air”  in the hope of increasing the chances of survival of the trapped miners in New Zealand.

Relatives are growing restless with the delay caused by the carbon monoxide gas increased concentrations.   They were brought to the mines to witness the rescue efforts.  Hopes remain high because of the recent successful rescue of the trapped Chilean miners.   The situation though is different from the Chilean miners, because the miners in New Zealand have to contend with the toxic carbon monoxide and methane gases.

The world waits for new developments as their relatives pray and hope for the best.

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