Redback Spiders From Australia Migrating To UK

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Redback Spider
Redback spider
Image Credit: Museum Victoria

Australia’s redback spiders have been found in the United Kingdom, international news sites reported on Monday, November 14, 2011.

According to reports, the redback spiders have been found in Scotland, Wales and the Midlands. The spiders were said to be imported unintentionally as they arrive in the luggage of returning holiday makers or in cargo shipments. It was reported that a dozen redbacks were found from a factory crate in Preston.

“These insects move with trade and transport. As the world becomes theoretically a smaller place and people go on more unusual holidays and we bring in commodities from unusual places, the spread increases. These insects are on the move now,” Richard Moseley of the British Pest Control Association was quoted as saying.

The redback spider is believed to be responsible for 14 deaths in Australia, reports said. About 250 cases of redback bites are reported each year in Australia, with victims required to be given an anti-venom.

When bitten, victims can experience extreme pain and swelling, fever, chest pains and respiratory failure.

Aside from the redback spiders, biting ants and skin-crawling cockroaches were also among the creepy crawlies migrating to UK thru the baggage of travellers, reports said.

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