Red Bees Show Up In New York City

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New York City beekeeper Cerise Mayo was reported to be puzzled when her bees started showing up with mysterious red coloring. Even their honey turned red, looking like a cough syrup, New York Times reported on Tuesday.

A Bee On A Flower

“I thought maybe it was coming from some kind of weird tree, maybe a sumac,” Mayo said. But she further added they “were at a loss”.

Then, a friend of her jokingly suggested that maybe, the bees were taking the maraschino cherry juice at Dell’s Maraschino Cherries Company over on Dikeman Street in Red Hook.

She did not believe it at first. However, a test made on samples of the red substance by an apiculturalist working at a New York State revealed that the samples contain the Red Dye No. 40, the same dye used in the maraschino cherry juice.

Mayo found out that while she was having a problem with her bees showing up in red and producing red honey bees, Arthur Mondella, the owner of the maraschino cherry juice factory hired a bee expert because the bees were a great nuisance to his factory.

Andrew Cote, the bee expert said that the problem can be solved by simply “putting up some screens, or providing a closer source of sweet nectar.”

Cerise Mayo was not alone on this problem. David Selig, another beekeeper in the area was reported to also have red bees showing up in his place.

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