Rebecca Black In Your Words music video released, better than Friday? (Video)

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Rebecca Black‘s ‘In Your Words‘ music video was released on Friday, November 23, 2012, as shown in the video below. Commentators have mixed reactions as to whether it is better than her controversial ‘Friday‘ video, which earned tons of negative comments after it was uploaded on February 10, 2011.

Rebecca Black In Your Words cover

Rebecca Black’s In Your Words song cover
Image Credit: Rebecca Black/

The song In Your Words, which is also now available at iTunes and was released on the same day, is Rebecca Black‘s new single, following the release of her fourth single titled ‘Sing It‘ last May 8. It is an originally composed song for Black, after she earlier signed with Maker Studios YouTube network.

“What you don’t know/What you can’t see/What you don’t realize you once had until you see that it’s not free/And as for us/ It’s not clear.” Rebecca Black sings on the first part on the music video, while playing the piano for the pop beat song. She can later be seen writing ‘Alone’ in the glass wall and underlined it.

“And I’m moving on/Cause you set me free/And I’m trying to be as much of myself as if you were here with me/And I’m feeling lost/But it’s not unheard/And while you go on living your life/I’m still stuck here/Living in your words.” Rebecca sang later, she continues to write on the glass wall until it was filled with words.

Meanwhile, most of the commentators on the video praised her this time, notably far from her ‘Friday‘ video, which was dubbed as “the worst song ever” and was removed from YouTube on June 16, 2011 after it had more than 167 million views, with over 3.1 million “dislikes.” Black re-uploaded it in her own channel 3 months later.

Apparently, most commentators also noted that she is now a better singer, as far as her previous songs ‘My Moment‘ and ‘Person of Interest‘ are concern. Although there are still those who said they do not like Black‘s voice, some of them were impressed and others said they could not believe it is really her own voice now.

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Rebecca Black In Your Words official music video
Video Credit: Rebecca/YouTube

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