Rebecca Black “My Moment” music video released, song now available at iTunes

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Rebecca Black released her new song “My Moment” on Monday, July 18, 2011, which is now available at iTunes, with the music video shown below.

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As noted on entertainment news sites that day, “Friday” singer Rebecca Black released her second single “My Moment“, as well as her own official website

Black, 14, rose to fame last March 2011 after her mother reportedly paid $4,000 to Ark Music Factory label for her debut single “Friday“, along with a music video posted on YouTube.

Apparently, comments were disabled on May due to tons of negative comments being received, which most of them reportedly dubbed “Friday” as “the worst song ever”.

According to reports, the “Friday” YouTube music video had more than 167 million views but with over 3.1 million “dislikes” or 87% of its total ratings, and was removed from the site on June 16.

As of this writing, Rebecca Black’s “My Moment” music video has more than 1 million views with over 70,000 mixed comments, as well as 65,869 “likes” and 105,514 “dislikes”.

“Were you the one who said that I would be nothing?/ Well, I’m about to prove you wrong/ I’m not the only one who believes in something/ My one wish is about to come true.” Black sings on the first part of her new song.

The song “My Moment” was written by Brandon “Blue” Hamilton, who wrote a track on Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never The Remixes“, and Quinton Tolbert, and was produced by Charlton Pettus.

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