Real Snake on a Plane: Egyptian Cobra Forces Emergency Landing

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Real Snake on a Plane-Egyptian Cobra

Egyptian Cobra
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A real snake on a plane bit a Jordanian passenger of an Egypt Air Flight from Cairo to Kuwait on Monday, December 6, 2012, according to a news report by The Jordan Times.

The 48-year-old Akram Abdul Latif reportedly hide the Egyptian cobra in his carry-on bag. Reports say that the passenger, who owns a reptile shop in Kuwait, tried to smuggle the real snake, but was unable to control it after it bit his hand.

When the snake started to crawl under the passenger seats, the pilot reportedly decided to make an emergency landing in the Egyptian resort town of Al Ghardaqa on the Red Sea. The plane was reportedly carrying 90 passengers.

According to an Egypt Air official, doctors tried to hold the passenger for 24 hours but he reportedly refused treatment and reiterates that his wound was only superficial. The Egypt Air official said that Latif “was bitten in his hand and after we administered first aid he insisted on taking the snake with him to Kuwait.”

However, authorities confiscated the Egyptian cobra and the plane resumed its flight to Kuwait later.

Experts say that the deadly venom of an Egyptian cobra, commonly found across North Africa, can kill an individual in just 15 minutes.

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