Real-life Popeye Arms: Moustafa Ismail’s Real-life Popeye Arms Were Made The Natural Way

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Moustafa Ismail of Massachusetts was tagged as the “Real-life Popeye” with his 31-inch upper arms, as reported by international news sites on Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

With his 31-inch biceps, Ismail said that it took him two to three hours when buying a shirt from a normal store and that sometimes it gets ripped.

Moustafa Ismail
Moustafa Ismail with his 
Real-life Popeye Arms
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“You know, we’re going to say it’s like a challenge for me to go and buy a shirt from normal store. I have to look for 2 or 3 hours in the store before I buy anything. If I put it in the store it gets ripped,” Ismail was quoted saying in a report.

The Egyptian-born bodybuilder has been crowned for the world’s biggest biceps on September 2012 and is supposed to appear in the 2013 Guinness Book of World Records. However, Guinness World Records is now having doubts on whether to recognize him, because of the controversy that started when Ismail went to an all-expenses-paid trip to London offered by Guinness for a signature appearance with the world’s shortest woman and others.

Many people believed that Ismail’s real-life Popeye arms is a product of artificial means like steroids to get his bulging biceps and triceps. Skeptics speculated that the Egyptian-born bodybuilder had implants in his arms or he might have injected his muscles with a synthetic oil substance to fluff his muscle tissues.

“It is hurtful,” Ismail said as quoted in a report. He also added that supporting a wife in the U.S. and family members in Egypt doesn’t leave him with extra money to buy pricey synthetic oils or steroids.

The real-life Popeye insist that his arms were made the natural way and that it is the result of a punishing workout regimen he started after a guest at his uncle’s wedding in his native Egypt mocked his overweight frame.

The Daily Mail noted that the bodybuilder eats three pounds of chicken, a pound of steak or fish a day, four cups of almonds, large portions of carbohydrates and three liters of protein shakes every day to fuel his daily work outs. Ismail is also taking mineral and vitamin supplements and drinks plenty of water to flush out his system.

Reports said that Ismail works-out daily for about two hours in which he lifts as much as 500 pounds to maintain his 31-inch upper arms.

“Working out makes my mood better. You’re just focusing. And I like that in this type of sport you can see your improvement in your shape. I know they are growing, my chest, my shoulders, my arms. I love weights,” Ismail was quoted saying in a report.

The 24-year-old bodybuilder also noted that the independent doctors of a Fuji TV documentary program in Tokyo where he appeared, collected blood samples and X-rayed his muscles, but found nothing abnormal about his arms.

Meanwhile, Guinness immediately removed references to Ismail from its website and Spokeswoman Sara Wilcox said last October that Guinness was still conducting research with medical specialists and reviewing Ismail‘s category.

On the other hand, Ismail‘s fellow amateur bodybuilders at his gym supports him and they believe that the real-life Popeye’s arms are natural.

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