Real-life anime girl Anastasiya Shpagina from Ukraine goes viral (Video)

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Anastasiya Shpagina from Ukraine is now known as the real-life anime girl, after she totally transformed herself into a real-life Japanese cartoon character, as shown in the video below. Her transformation is now going viral and has been reported in various sites such as Huffington Post, Daily Mail, among others.

Real life anime girl Anastasiya Shpagina

Real-life anime girl Anastasiya Shpagina
Image Credit: Anastasiya Shpagina Facebook

“People say I’m strange that way ‘Cause I love such elementary things.” Shpagina wrote on her official Facebook page, which now has more than 10,600 ‘likes’; along with a YouTube video titled Flower Fairy (tutorial), where she shows how she puts her make-up to make her face look like a real-life anime girl.

As noted at Daily Mail on Monday, October 1, 2012, Shpagina, 19, has even adopted a Japanese name and now is being called as Fukkacumi. She stands at 5 ft and 9 inches tall and weighs about 85 pounds. She is said to be spending up to 30 minutes on each of her eyes just to perfect her image as real-life anime.

Besides her face, Shpagina has also slimmed down her waist line and wears colorful hair that matches her dress to appear like a real anime. In addition, she reportedly has plans to undergo surgery to make her eyes look even more like those in the anime characters that she admires.

Apparently, her popularity received mixed reactions particularly from those who see her photos and the YouTube video she uploaded back in May which now has more than 800,000 views. She has been interviewed in various TV shows in Ukraine, where she explains her dream of being a real-life anime girl.

Real-life anime girl Anastasiya Shpagina
Video Credit: Anastasiya18ful/YouTube

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