Rat meat sold: Rat-meat Ring busted by Chinese Police

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rat meat sold

Rat meat sold
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A rat-meat ring was believed to be broken by Chinese authorities. Over $1 million worth of rat meat and several other small mammal meat was sold by the ring over the years in China.

Based on the official website of the Ministry of Public Security, Chinese police have arrested 904 suspected members of the rat meat ring since the end of January. The report was published on Thursday, May 2, 2013.

The crackdown on the group was brought about by food safety concerns relative to bird flu outbreak, toxic food and environmental issues.

Police were able to uncover the operations of the rat meat ring in the markets of Shanghai and Jiangsu province. Authorities revealed that the suspects used spices to camouflage the rat, fox and mink meat as mutton.

Since 2009, authorities estimated that they were able to block the operations of the meat ring and denied them over 10 million yuan ($1.6 million) in sales. Over 20,000 metric tons (22.046 tons) of fake meat products were confiscated from illegal food plants nationwide.

Do you believe that Chinese authorities has done enough to address the public outcry on several environmental and animal concerns in China?

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