Rat crawls on man’s face in New York subway train YouTube video goes viral

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A video entitled ‘Rat wakes up Homeless man’ was uploaded at YouTube on Wednesday showing a rat as it crawls on a sleeping man’s face inside a subway train in New York, and apparently it now goes viral.

Rat crawls on man’s face
Photo credit: Eckzavier / YouTube

The YouTube video, uploaded by a certain Eckzavier and has now slightly more than 900,000 views, showed a rat roaming around inside a subway train in New York and later climbed into a sleeping man until it reached his face.

On the first part of the video as seen below, the rat can be seen running under the feet of passengers inside the subway train and tried to jump to a baggage but did not make it, and later ran along the center to the surprised passengers.

On the latter part, a man who seemed to be sleeping became the next target of the creepy creature. It climbs through the man’s right leg, then to his body and eventually to his face.

The man who wore a blue hooded coat, somehow felt that it coming was shocked upon realizing that it was a big rat, and immediately drove it away as it jumps back to the ground.

And while different reactions and comments were raised, the Wall Street Journal discussed the issue to Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s spokesman Charles Seaton, who apparently has seen the video too.

According to Seaton, there were no reports coming to their office regarding rats inside the subway, and explained that trains are being checked regularly and the platforms undergo thorough cleaning to remove grease and waste.

“Probably the big thing we try to do is convince our customers not to eat in the system. Because if there is no food, there are no rodents.” Seaton said.

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