Rare white whale calf spotted in North Queensland, Australia (Photo)

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A rare white whale calf was reportedly spotted in North Queensland, Australia, which was believed to be only few weeks old, as shown in the photo below.

White whale calf, which was spotted in Australia
Image Credit: Wayne Fewings

As noted at Australian news sites on Thursday, September 29, 2011, the white whale calf was seen by a certain Wayne Fewings, who was with his family in a boat last week, off the Whitsundays coast.

“We were just drifting when I noticed the smaller whale in the pod was white. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I just grabbed my camera,” Fewings was quoted on reports.

“Then the white calf approached my boat, seeming to want to check us out. I was just so amazed at seeing this animal, it made me think how truly astounding the Great Barrier Reef is,” Fewings added.

“I feel very lucky to have witnessed this, it’s a once in a lifetime experience.” He explained further, with the rare white calf raising its head out of the water and then dived before coming within 4 or 5 meters of the runabout.

Apparently, Fewings and his family saw two black adult humpback whales swimming towards them and one of them guided the whale calf away.

Meanwhile, reports said that it is quite impossible to determine as of this time whether the animal is related to famous white whale Migaloo or not, and DNA information would be needed.

“It would be pure speculation, we would have to get genetic material from the calf and then analyze that and its relationship to Migaloo,” Species expert Mark Read said on the Herald Sun.

“We know from basic genetics that this animal could have actually come from a dark mum and a dark father.” Mr. Read added, who also works for Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

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