Rare Swinhoe Hoan Kiem Lake Turtle Of Hanoi, Vietnam In Danger Of Pollution

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Vietnam's sacred Hoan Kiem turtle
Vietnam’s sacred Hoan Kiem turtle
Image Credit: AP Photo/ Hoang Long

Vietnam‘s sacred Swinhoe Hoan Kiem turtle which was said to be one of the world’s most-endangered species is in danger of water pollution, experts said.

Reports said that the public was alarmed seeing visible raw open wounds in Hoan Kiem turtle‘s head, legs and shell. Ha Dinh Duc who has studied the lone turtle for 20 years and considers himself its caretaker believed that the injuries were caused by sharp edges from debris in the lake. He also added that “the poor quality of water also makes the conditions unbearable for the turtle.”

In this connection, the people of Vietnam were working hard to clean up the Hoan Kiem lake in hopes of saving the ailing rare giant Swinhoe turtle which was said to be a sacred symbol of Hanoi.

Guardian Uk reported that the Hoan Kiem turtle has been ill by the pollution, thus the Hanoians are now struggling to clean its famous lake. Hundreds of people are cleaning debris in the water and using sandbags to expand a tiny island to serve as a turtle hospital. They are pumping fresh water into the lake and created a floating raft with plants to clean up its water.

The Hoan Kiem turtle in Hanoi‘s famous lake was believed to be the same mythical creature that helped a Vietnamese emperor fend off the Chinese nearly six centuries ago.

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