Rare Sumatran Tiger Gives Birth

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Sumatran Tiger
Credit: cfzaustralia.com

A rare Sumatran Tiger gives birth to three healthy cubs and one blue cub, last January 25, 2011; this was disclosed by the head of the provincial tourism and cultural agency of the Taman Rimba zoo in Indonesia.

The Sumatran Tiger scientifically known as Panthera tigris sumatrae, is the smallest of the tiger species. It is striped just like all tigers but its tighter stripes are usually black in color.

The so called modernization and development has reduced the natural habitat of tigers. There are barely half a thousand Sumatran Tigers left in tropical forest of Indonesia.

The Sumatran Tiger is only found in Sumatra, Indonesia and is one of the most endangered species, hence; the joy with the birth of the three surviving cubs.

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