Rare sand cat “Renana” born in Israel zoo (Photos)

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A rare sand cat named Renana was recently born in a zoo in Israel, as shown in the photos below, 63 days after gestation via a mother being dubbed as Rotem.

Rare sand cat Renana
Image Credit: Tibor Jager

According to Zoo Borns on Monday, August 8, 2011, the rare sand cat was born at Ramata Gan Safari Zoological Center in Tel Aviv, Israel, three weeks ago.

As noted at ZooBorns.com, a site that features the newest and cutest exotic baby animals from zoos worldwide, the kitten was named Renana which means “joy” or “song”.

Zookeepers noted that they saw kitten poking its tiny head and peeked out from the den where it was born, with the mother refusing to go into the night chamber the night before.

Renana will eventually join the Sand Cat Breeding Program and is being hoped to help re-introduced the species into the wild, which is being considered as becoming extinct in the region.

Sand cat species are known to be living in waterless areas that are too hot and dry areas such as in Sahara and in African and Asian deserts, but is now rarely visible even in those regions.

Rare sand cat Renana
Image Credit: Tibor Jager

Rare sand cat Renana
Image Credit: Tibor Jager

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