Rare Giraffes Comeback in Koure, Niger Preservation Area (Photo)

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Rare giraffes

Rare giraffes in Koure, Niger
Image Credit: Rebecca Blackwell

Rare giraffes population are reportedly making a comeback in Koure, Niger. The Environment Ministry of Niger revealed that the number of West African giraffes stands at 310 in 2011, according to reports by several international news sites on Wednesday, March 7, 2012.

In 1996, the lowest number of West African giraffes, with scientific name giraffa camelopardalis peralta, was recorded at 50. An active campaign was launched to protect these endangered animals from poachers. During the latest census, the rare giraffes have 146 males and 164 females.

Environment Ministry officials reported that the government’s efforts “to protect the giraffes have borne fruit as their population has increased from about 50 in 1996 to 310 in 2011.”

The Association to Safeguard the Giraffes of Niger (ASGN) has encouraged residents in the area to preserve the giraffes by providing them with community programs. ASGN is a non-governmental organisation that is coordinating with the French zoo of Doue La Fontaine in the preservation of the endangered giraffes.

West African giraffes can be differentiated with its light-coloured spots.

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