Rare exotic oarfish found in Malibu Beach (Photo)

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A rare exotic oarfish was recently found in Malibu Beach, as it made an appearance about a few dozen feet away from the shore, according to Los Angeles Times on Friday.

According to the report, a ribbon-shaped sea creature which was about 12-foot long was found dead along the shore by Darrell Rae, a marketing manager who later took some photos of it.

The silvery but with red mane fish was even thought by some people as eel, but was confirmed as an oarfish by California Wildfire Center biologists, upon their arrival on the area.

“I grew up on the beaches and I had never seen or even heard of anything like it,” Rae was quoted as saying.

“I knew it had to be something that came from far away and deep in the ocean.” He added.

Apparently, an 8-year-old boy who was the first to confirmed that it was indeed an oarfish and told the people he learned it from school.

Oarfish, a species that were reported by scientists is very rare to reach that close, and believed to be usually found 700 to 3,000 feet deep in tropical and temperate waters.

“The fact that it was close to shore at all is unusual,” California Wildfire Center director Cynthia Reyes told the news.

The body of the rare sea creature will be preserved at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum.

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