Rare case: Mountain gorilla twins born in Rwanda (Photo)

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A rare case of having mountain gorilla twins being born was known in northern Rwanda, as this kind of gorillas are now considered as endangered species with less than 800 individuals, as reported by Radio Rwanda on Monday.

Rare mountain gorilla twins
Photo credit: Orinfor.gov.rw

According to Orinfor.gov.rw, the rare mountain gorilla twins were born at the Volcanoes National Park on Thursday from a mother gorilla called Kabatwa which belongs to the Hirwa Group. Both of them were males and doing well as shown in the photo.

“The successful birth of twin gorillas becomes the second since 2004 in Susa Group and only the fifth case recorded in more than 40 years of Gorilla monitoring in Rwanda.” Park officials were quoted as saying.

“It’s uncommon among the population of gorillas, and very few cases of twins have been documented in the wild or captivity.” Park Warden Chief Prosper Uwingeli told The New Times.

The 2010 census reported that the total number of mountain gorillas has increased by 25 percent over the past seven years to reach more than 780 individuals.

About sixty six percent of their habitats can be found in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where mountain gorillas are main tourist attraction.

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