Rare baby camel, Ilias Debuts at Budapest Zoo in Hungary

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rare baby camel

Rare baby camel named Iris

A rare baby camel named Ilias made his first appearance at the Budapest Zoo, one of the world’s oldest zoos, on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

Watch the video of Ilias, the rare baby camel, by clicking here.

Ilias was born last April 9 to its eight-year-old mother Iris, whose maternal line has lived at the zoo for several generations. According to reports, the said camel is one of the endangered wild Bactrian or Camelus bactrianus ferus species.

Zoltan Hanga, a spokesperson for Budapest Zoo, said that “When he was born there were problems, the baby was looking for milk from the mother, but as this was her first baby she had no experience.”

Moreover, several reports mentioned that wild Bactrian camels are recognized among the top 10 most endangered large mammal species in the world. Captive breeding efforts like the rare baby camel named Ilias are a significant part of efforts to save the species from extinction.

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