Rapture Party: Atheists’ Response to Harold Camping’s Judgment Day Prediction on May 21

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A “Rapture Party” is the atheists’ response to Family Radio head Harold Camping’s Judgment Day prediction on May 21, 2011.  Various atheists around the world are organizing “Rapture Parties” on May 21, to celebrate the day. This was reported in various news sites around the globe, May 18.

According to non-believers, the “Rapture Party” will be a “win-win” case for them because whether the Rapture truly happens or not, they would still enjoy either way.

Reportedly, not all Christians agree with Harold Camping’s May 21 end of the world prediction; various congregation heads emphasized another Holy Bible’s teaching that not even Jesus Christ knows about the exact date of the Rapture.

In Facebook, a group who called themselves the “Post Rapture Looting” has plans of looting Christian’s stereo equipment after they are taken up in heaven during Camping’s predicted Rapture day. Some enterprising groups even offered taking care of Christian’s pet for a hefty fee.

More “Rapture Parties” are being organized as people catch on and create their own versions of celebrating the day. This is in contrast to Camping’s followers who are preparing for their own Rapture activities.


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