Rainbow Roses Appeared on The View, Hot Valentine’s Day Gift Idea?

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Rainbow roses made an appearance on “The View” on Wednesday, several news sites reported. Being highlighted on national television, sales of rainbow roses might increase this coming Valentine’s Day.

Are rainbow roses really good Valentine’s Day gift idea? Several online writers have different opinions:

Jaime Morrison Curtis of Babble.com said it is “The Most Hideous Valentines Day Gift.”

Sheri Reed of The Stir calls it freaky flowers:

“… these freaky flowers make no sense to me. I mean, of all things to artificially color, why would you mess with the perfect nature of flowers? These are actually offensive to thine eyes!” (Source)

Meanwhile, Kimberly Edwards of Newstabulous.com said that it is the “Hot Valentine’s Day Gift Idea”:

Rainbow flowers can be the perfect gift for someone who may not be your love interest you want to give a Valentine’s Day gift to, like a mother, sister or friend.

If a rainbow of colors doesn’t bring a smile to someone’s face, nothing will.

Plus, they will feel extra special since it’s such a unique item that hardly anyone has seen the likes of before, let alone receiving them as a gift.


As for this author, rainbow roses look great. If you have the money, try giving one this Valentine’s Day. I agree with Kimberly Edwards, it’s a unique item that will put a smile to anyone receiving it.

Below is an image of rainbow roses courtesy of zedge.net:

Rainbow Roses
Rainbow Roses
Image Credit: Zedge.net

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