QVC host faints, Cassie Slane collapses on live TV (Video)

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Cassie Slane, a QVC guest host, faints in front of a live TV audience on Sunday, October 7, 2012, as shown in the video below, after she was seen holding her chest multiple times. She received an immediate medical treatment and later announced on her Twitter account that she is now fine.

QVC host Cassie Slane faints

QVC host Cassie Slane, collapsing on live TV
Image Credit: QVC video

As aired at QVC TV shopping network that day, Cassie Slane was a guest host of QVC‘s “Sundays with Carolyn and Dan,” while she and Dan Hughes were talking about tablet devices for kids being sold on the show. Slane temporarily replaced original show host Carolyn Gracie, who is on vacation.

Shortly after Ms. Slane was introduced by Mr. Hughes to the televiewers and they shook hands, the electronic expert said, “Kids love tablets. They love playing with tablets, they love the games,” but started to tap her chest, stumbled over her words, and fainted after the male host asked if she is ok.

The camera immediately cut the video and focused on the photo of the product called FunTab, and Hughes continued to talk about the product as the camera returned to him, without Slane. On the next minute, she was seen again in live TV and talked again about the product, but is noticeably not feeling fine.

Later, Hughes told the viewers to check on the photo of the product, which was again focused by the camera. Televiewers, who got surprised to what has just happened, went to Twitter and Facebook and tried to find answers.

“Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Feeling better today.” Cassie Slane (@cassieslane) tweeted on Monday, and also posted the same message on her official Facebook page. She reportedly had the same incident back in August 2010 during a QVC live broadcast.

Cassie is fine now, thank goodness! She had a couple of fainting spells due to low blood sugar. Poor thing. She is such a nice girl.” Carolyn Gracie wrote on her official Facebook page, as a response to a Facebook user asking on Ms. Slane‘s condition.

QVC guest host Cassie Slane faints on live TV
Video Credit: ThePrincessHira/YouTube/QVC

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