Queensland Premier Anna Bligh King Air plane hit by lightning

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Queensland Premier Anna Bligh’s King Air plane was hit by lightning minutes past 2 p.m (AEST) on Sunday, according to Australian news sites.

Aside from Premiere Bligh, the plane apparently also carried Major General Mick Slater and State Disaster Coordinator and Queensland Police Service Deputy Commissioner Ian Stewart, was hit by lightning over the Sunshine Coast.

As told by Premiere Bligh’s spokesman to the news, a loud bang was heard and white light was seen through the plane, and two static wicks on both wings were damaged.

The King Air plane, which is being used to distribute goods to residents affected by the flood, was said to be returning home after the group toured Theodore, one of the towns affected by floods across Australia.

No one was hurt from the incident but the damaged plane will not be available for use for quite some time, which landed at Brisbane Airport at around 2:30 pm. (AEST)

Engineers are now checking the plane, while authorities are looking for alternatives on how supplies can be delivered to the flooded areas.

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