Queen wears hoodie while driving a Range Rover, caught on camera (Photo)

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The Queen was reportedly spotted wearing a could be looked like a hoodie while driving a Range Rover, as shown in the photo below, and is now going viral since it is being noted to be a very rare view. A news report by NBC is also available below.

Queen wears hoodie

Queen wears hoodie
Image Credit: Jim Bennett

As noted at NBC’s Today on Tuesday, August 28, 2012, Queen Elizabeth II was seen in the driver’s seat of her green Range Rover over the weekend, and driving on her Scottish estate, Balmoral. She apparently wears a gray hoodie; although some observers say it could be a scarf covering her head.

The 86-year old Queen has eight grandchildren including Prince William, 30, and Prince Harry, 27, who was recently photographed in an awkward moment. She is the only person in the UK who does not need a driver’s license to drive, but is rarely being seen driving, with the photo believed to be first posted at The Sun UK.

The royal family is being reported to be spending weeks in late summer at Balmoral, relaxing, fishing, and doing other family activities, with the Queen known for wearing floral hats and has been trained as a heavy truck mechanic during World War II.

Queen Elizabeth II is also known for being “cool” despite her royalty status, and was also featured in the recent London Olympics opening ceremony, arriving at the Olympic Stadium via “parachute” from a helicopter, along with James Bond.

Quen driving Range Rover
Queen driving a Range Rover
Image Credit: Jim Bennett

News report of the Queen wearing hoodie while driving a Range Rover
Video Credit: technicalality/YouTube/NBC

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