Quebec School Bus And Van Collision in St. Thomas de Joliette Near Montreal

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A Quebec school bus accident occurred in the small town of St. Thomas de Joliette near Montreal. At least four people did not survived the head-on collision between a Quebec school bus and a mini-van on Wednesday, February 10, 2011, according to a report by The Canadian Press.

Quebec School Bus
Image Credit: Canadian Press

The Quebec school bus and van head-on collision site is about 80 kilometers from Montreal and occured just outside a popular diner.

More than 12 high-school students inside the school bus suffered minor injuries.

A spokeswoman from a Regional hospital in Northeast Montreal said that at least five people suffered serious injuries.

The three men who did not survived the collision were inside the van which is on its way back home after their night shift at a chicken-plucking factory. The fourth victim did not survived while receiving treatment in Montreal. Their identities were not yet available as of posting.

The van ran on the wrong side of the lane that caused the collision with an incoming school bus, as revealed by initial investigation according to Quebec provincial police Sgt. Benoit Richard.

Reports say that education officials sent people to provide counselling to students, who are between 12 and 16 years old, to overcome the trauma.

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