Qantas Flight QF1 canceled due to engine fault, a day after all flights resumed

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A Qantas A380 plane with flight QF1 was canceled due to engine fault, only a day after all flights resumed, as published at Sunday Telegraph of Australia on Sunday.

According to the report, a Qantas A380 plane with flight QF1 was canceled after passengers heard a loud noise while it was moving towards the Sydney Airport runway, and was reported to have started from the engine.

The canceled flight, which was bound to leave for London via Bangkok, was scheduled to leave about 6:05 pm, but airline officials said the fault was just a ‘minor issue’.

“The aircraft was taxiing to the runway and the pilot had an indication of an issue with one of the engines, and following procedures it returned to the bay,” a Qantas spokesman was quoted as telling to the news.

“It was unfortunate timing for a number of reasons but it is not a major issue. It was a wiring issue.” The spokesman added.

As earlier reported, Qantas AirwaysCEO Alan Joyce assured the public that all A380 flights were safe, and even joined the first resumed flight, Flight QF31, to prove that their planes are now ‘100% safe’.

The ‘engine problems’ on Qantas A380 planes started on November 4, when Flight QF32 made an emergency landing; which was immediately followed by Flight QF6, until series of flights has been finally while a thorough investigation is going on.

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