Pyramid shaped mountain Mount Rtanj attracts tons of people, hoping to save them from Apocalypse

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Mount Rtanj, a pyramid shaped mountain in eastern Serbia, is now attracting tons of people, hoping to save them from the alleged apocalypse, or end of the world, which is being believed to happen on Friday, December 21, 2012, citing the Mayan calendar prediction of doomsday.

According to ABC News on Thursday, December 13, 2012, hundreds of people are now arriving at Mount Rtanj, which is almost perfectly shaped as pyramid, and legends say that it was built by aliens thousands of years ago and is allegedly emitting mystical energies that can protect believers from the end of the world.

“We all know that aliens have been there for thousands of years. They may be the forces who will help us get through this time.” Vladimir Petrovic, editor of a Belgrade-based publishing company specializing in esoteric literature, was quoted in the report.

Mt Rtanj, which is 5,400 feet (1.656 meters) high, is located in the Serbian Carpathian Mountains, and is sitting in between towns of Boljevac on north and Sokobanja on south. The so-called Rtanj tea, which is made from herbal of winter savory, is a widely known product of Rtanj.

Legend says that a wizard once lived in a great castle at its summit, guarding a buried gold treasure, with the castle now replaced by a small chapel to Saint George. The said chapel was reportedly built in 1932 by the wife of a former local miner, but was later destroyed by treasure hunters.

Meanwhile, villagers noted that hotels, inns, and beds are being booked fast and calls were overflowing. Outsiders, including Austrians, French, and Australians, have been requesting for reservations to stay near the pyramid shaped mountain starting this Friday, December 14, until January 2013.

Pyramid shaped mountain Mount Rtanj
Pyramid shaped mountain Mount Rtanj
Image Credit: Tamburix/Wikipedia

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