Puyehue Volcano Eruption South Of Santiago Darkened Skies As Far As Argentina (Video)

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Puyehue volcano Cloud Ash
Puyehue Volcano Cloud Of Ash
Image Credit: Claudio Santana. AFP Photo

SANTIAGO, ChilePuyehue volcano spewed out huge plume of smoke and ash on Saturday and Sunday resulting to closure of some ski resorts near the area and cancellation of most air travel to and from the country.

Reports said that stiff winds blew a six-mile-high (10-kilometer-high) cloud of ash on Tuesday all the way to the Atlantic Ocean and even into southern Buenos Aires province which was said to have carpeted a popular ski resort in neighbouring Argentina.

Meanwhile, here are two different footages of the eruption of Puyehu volcano showing some stunning lightning and huge cloud ash that darkened the skies as far as Argentina.

Spectacular video of lightning inside Chile Puyehue volcano ash cloud
Credit: Russia Today Of YouTube

Eruption of Puyehue Volcano June 6, 2011
Credit: Piastudio of YouTube

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