Pure Chocolate Label of Italy Stopped by EU Court

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Image credit: Guardian.co.uk

Italy was ordered by a European Union (EU) court in Luxembourg to stop using the label “pure chocolate” in their marketing strategy for their chocolate made from 100% cocoa butter, according to international news reports.

The ruling of the EU court will force Italy to amend its law to avoid any sanctions that may lead to heavy fines. The court explained that the EU law does not provide any  “provision for the sales name ‘pure chocolate‘”. They added that all labels of chocolate products must indicate the presence of vegetable fats other than the cocoa butter.

The labeling rules on chocolate was changed by the EU in 2000. The new rule says that chocolate having up to 5% of non-cocoa vegetable fats must still be labeled as “chocolate“. This rule was the basis of the case filed by the European Commission against Italy regarding the “pure chocolate” label.

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