Puntung: Rare Borneo Sumatran Rhino Captured in Sabab, Malaysia (Photo)

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A rare, young female Borneo Sumatran Rhino, named Puntung, was reportely captured and is now being held at a temporary enclosure in Tabin, Sabab state in Malaysia. Several international news sites reports on Sunday, December 25, 2011 that Malaysian wildlife authorities will pair the rhino with a middle-aged male rhino named “Tam,” in its breeding program to save their species from extinction.

Puntung Borneo Sumatran Rhino
Puntung, a Borneo Sumatran Rhino, inside her temporary enclosure in Tabin, Sabab
Image Credit: Borneo Rhino Alliance, Zainal Zahari Zainuddin

Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) revealed that the previously captured rhino was too old for Tam. SWD Director Laurentius Ambu said in a statement that the Puntungis a fantastic gift for our uphill battle in ensuring the survival of this truly unique species.” He cautioned that “This is now the very last chance to save this species, one of the most ancient forms of mammal.

Authorities did not disclose the exact age of Puntung who will be paired with the over 20-years-old Tam in a forest reserve in Sabah.

Borneo Sumatran rhinos are subspecies of the Sumatran rhino, considered to be the world’s smallest rhino measuring just over four feet at the shoulder.

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