Puerto Rico Mayor Jorge Santini family Christmas cards 2011 awkward photo goes viral (Pictures)

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The Christmas cards 2011 of Mayor Jorge Santini of San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico and his family as shown in the photos below, are now going viral and receiving mixed reactions.

San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini family
Christmas card for 2011

Image Credit: Mayor Jorge Santini

As noted at Huffington Post on Monday, December 12, 2011, the 2011 Christmas cards pictures show Mayor Jorge Santini, his wife and children, with awkward pose of stuffed animals along with them.

Apparently, all of them showed the Santini family in a happy mood but the one with a stuffed leopard (or jaguar) biting a neck of a taxidermied deer landed at AwkwardFamilyPetPhotos.com the next day.

The awkward photo has a caption “Que esta Navidad ilumine tu sueño”, which when translated in English means “May this Christmas illuminate your dream”, and has been shared in Facebook and Twitter multiple times.

Meanwhile, two other Christmas cards photos of the Santini family were revealed and also contained stuffed animals; one with a black polar bear and a bird while the other one in Antarctic scene with a penguin that appears to be staring at the mayor’s son.

According to reports, some political rivals believed that the family Christmas cards photos were intended to the political rivals of the mayor in the upcoming election but Mayor Jorge Santini emphasized that they were meant to promote the San Juan Wildlife Museum.

San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini family Christmas cards for 2011
Image Credit: Mayor Jorge Santini

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