Pseudoscorpion New Poisonous Species Discovered by Dave Steinmann in Colorado Cave

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A poisonous and nearly blind new species of Pseudoscorpion was found by cave biologist Dave Steinmann in Glenwood Caverns, Colorado, according to a report by Christine Dell’Amore of the National Geographic News.

Pseudoscorpion/Cryptogreagris steinmanni
Image Credit: Dave Steinmann/National Geographic

The Cryptogreagris steinmanni, measuring about 0.5-inch-long (1.3-centimeter-long),  was one of several species discovered by Steinmann in the cave and was first spotted in 2000 by a tour guide at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

Pseudoscorpions looks similar with a true scorpion but are smaller and usually measures about half an inch in length. They do not have a stinger on their tail, but they have a poison in the tips of their claws.

Steve Beckley, owner of Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, mentioned that this is not the first species discovered in Glenwood Caverns. About 50 species have been discovered and named, since the park opened in 1990.

The Pseudoscorpions usually live at the top of the cave’s food chain, eating tiny creatures such as beetles.

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