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Prosecutor Vitaliano Aguirre covers ears during Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago speech (Video)

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Manila, Philippines – Prosecutor Vitaliano Aguirre covered his ears while Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is delivering her speech on Wednesday, February 29, 2012, as shown in the news video below.

Prosecutor Vitaliano Aguirre, covering his ears
while Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago speaks

Image Credit: Edward Ganal/Senate Pool

As noted at local news that afternoon, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago scolded the prosecution panel for the CJ Corona impeachment trial on its Day 26 for their withdrawal of the remaining Articles of Impeachment.

“You’ve been misleading the court! I’m very concerned that prosecution has been in bad faith all along. You’ve been saying to media, ‘Panalo na kami.’ Kami ang magdedesisyon niyan, hindi kayo. Ang yayabang niyo! Mga gago naman! (You are being conceited! Stupid!)” Senator Defensor Santiago said on her speech, and later requested the secretary to record in journal that she said “Waah!‘”

Apparently, private prosecutor Vitaliano Aguirre was seen covering his ears during her speech and Senator Jinggoy Estrada informed the court about it, citing him of being disrespectful to Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

Aguirre, who has been a lawyer for 40 years, admitted his act to Senator Jinggoy Estrada and said he did it because he is hurt by Senator Santiago‘s words; which he noted later that he did it on purpose.

“Ang pinakaimportante po sa isang tao ay respeto, kung nagde-demand ka ng respeto, dapat respetuhin mo rin ang mga abogadong ito,” Atty Aguirre explained, adding that the lady senator should be concern about human dignity.

(The most important for a person is respect, if you are demanding for respect, then you should also respect these lawyers)

As a heated argument is about to ignite, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile decided the court to have a break but Santiago approached Aguirre and continued questioning him. She was calmed by her fellow senators and the latter went out from the session hall.

When the session resumed, Senator Enrile announced that Atty Aguirre was cited for contempt and the penalty will be taken in the caucus next week, with the prosecution panel apologizing for what happened.

Later, Aguirre was interviewed by reporters and said that he is sorry if he hurt Santiago‘s feelings and will face the consequences, but cleared that he felt no regrets when he covered his ears and noted that he was just an instrument to express the sentiments of others.

Prosecutor Vitaliano Aguirre covers ears, while Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is speaking
(News in Filipino language)

Video Credit: GMANews/YouTube

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